Introducing Manuel and Max!

With Turkey currently experiencing widespread political protests, as well as debates on alcohol restriction, an Austrian Artist named Manuel Urbanke and a German Copywriter named Maximilian Hoch recently collaborated in order to produce a provocative answer to both. Readily equipped with detachable match and rag - as well as the uncompromising tagline "tear off label in case of riot" - the instructions, and consequential intentions of this beautifully designed ‘Riot Raki’ bottle, are clear. This bottle is one part 70cl’s of ‘drown your sorrows’ Turkish original and the other part a riot-ready molotov cocktail.

If you would like to see more of Manuel and Max’s excellent collaborative work, including a variety of multimedia projects, you can find plenty more over on their website, as linked at the beginning of this post.

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Reporters Sans Frontières | http://www.rsf.org

An interesting campaign by Reporters Sans Frontières for World Day Of Press Freedom, which took place on May 3rd.

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Charlotte Caron | http://charlottecaron.fr/

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Ex-Libris Illustrations by EKO


Murals by Smates